Robin Berjon

Versatile Technologist

Portrait of Robin Berjon

I am a versatile technologist, researcher, and policy advisor with a track record of delivering projects, a solid experience in standards, internet, and data governance, and a sustained eagerness to learn.

Work Experience

VP, Data Governance  – present The New York Times

Built up a team to support continued regulatory programmes (CCPA, GDPR) as well as to establish our policy positions, developed the company's privacy strategy, and worked in support of its broader data, advertising, and marketing strategies. I developed our approach to reforming the online advertising ecosystem through participation in tech standards and discussions with regulators, and handled The Times's involvement in data and antitrust policy issues.

Executive Director, Data Governance  –  The New York Times

Started the data governance programme in what is a very data intensive organisation, and ran the GDPR compliance project. Began defining what the global data ecosystem should look like for free and independent media to thrive in it.

Chief Technical Officer  –

Brought scholarly publishing into the internet age with a full JS stack and much data crunching through ugly formats, with major publishers as clients. Architected, built, and ran many critical components using JS, Node, CouchDB, Stripe, React, Redux, and many other moving parts. Everything running inside AWS with ZeroMQ and auto-scaling.

Editor of the HTML Specification & Head of HTML Activity  –  W3C / MIT / Keio University

Shipped the HTML5 specification (as well as a few others) and managed the W3C HTML world, trying to bring agility to standards.

Founded and launched the Web Platform Tests project to define interoperability for the whole Web (current stats: 250k+ tests, 25k+ commits, 700+ contributors, deployed in CI at every major browser vendor).

Also launched the Web Incubator to open Web standards to a broader community.

Consultant, Team Manager, Researcher, & Developer  –  Self-employed

I managed teams, carried out research, development, prototyping, or handled standards strategy for numerous companies around the world, large and small: Samsung, Vodafone, Canon, Facebook, INRIA/ERCIM, SpinTank, Expway, IGEL, Ikivo.

In 2012 I was elected to the W3C Technical Architecture Group, a small group charged with stewardship of the Web’s architecture.

Senior Software Architect  –  Joost

Joost was high-quality, peer-based, legal TV. I worked building its rich UI and defining a widgets platform for third-parties to write extensions with.

Senior Research Scientist  –  Expway

I worked on creating a binary XML format, on an XML Schema processor, many XML languages, standard efforts in multiple organisations, and SVG-based UI for embedded devices.

Founder & CTO  –  Knowscape

A Web agency in the early, fast-moving years of the Web. I worked on many different projects, including an SVG map editor for the French Ministry of Infrastructure, education software for Audi-Volkswagen, glossy sites for Elle or Bordeaux, Web applications for Proximus, and much more.

Publications & Conferences

I have edited over a dozen Web standards and contributed to several dozen more, on topics including formats, APIs, mobile capabilities, networking, or compression. I have published about data management in Nature scientific data.

I have written about how The New York Times manages privacy and how to understand privacy on the Web.

I regularly participate in academic discussions, notably with the Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) in Princeton, the Digital Life Initiative (DLI) at Cornell Tech, as well as the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard.

I have spoken at dozens of conferences over the world such as the Open Source Convention, the Oxford XML Summer School, the Web@25 celebration, the Sony Distinguished Engineers Conference, the Open World Forum, the Salon du Livre, Paris Web, or at the OECD.

A more comprehensive list is available on demand.


I pick new technologies up quickly, and when possible I contribute back (marked by an “*” asterisk in the list below).

Web: HTML*, CSS*, JS, DOM & browser APIs*, React*, ProseMirror*, SVG*, mobile/responsive techniques*, RDFa, Microdata,*, PWA*, AMP*, HTTP, REST.

Data: XML, XSLT, XPath, RelaxNG, XML Schema (and several more obscure XML technologies), RDF, JSON-LD, DOCX, JATS, CouchDB*, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, SQLite.

Languages: JavaScript (NodeJS, CouchDB, browser), Python, TypeScript, Ruby, Perl, Erlang, Java, PHP.

Misc: AWS, ZeroMQ, Stripe, Agile, Scrum, Mac, Linux, Windows, mobile apps, Electron, reasonable (but not professional) design skills.

There is more on GitHub (as darobin, scienceai, or w3c), on npm (as scienceai or as robin.berjon), and even on CPAN.



I have taken part in the work of the Terra Nova Foundation think tank, and have written a finding with the Fondapol (Foundation for Political Innovation): Internet, politique et coproduction citoyenne (The Internet, Politics, and Coproduction by Citizens). This was republished by the Presses Universitaires de France (PUF) as part of a collective book called Innovation Politique 2012.

I enjoy writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and a lot of reading.